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Marel Compact Grader CG62


Quality Rating - ★ ★ ★

Strong and robust with a user-friendly interface, the highly economical Marel Compact Grader is part of a line of low-cost advanced processing equipment that offers essential high-tech features. Suitable for simple grading and batching of a wide variety of products, the grader is designed to fulfil the needs of small to medium sized companies and is also an ideal add-on for larger companies requiring a machine that can handle temporary or seasonal overflow.

The Compact Grader CG62  is designed to grade large pieces of product, including whole fish and fillets and other raw material up to 70 cm long and 25cm wide at a throughput of up to 80 pieces a minute. The CG62  accurately grades and batches by weight and/or count, utilising the M2200 terminal with a user-friendly interface.Like other Marel Compact Graders, the CG62  is a stand-alone unit with 6 gates that comes ready to use and is easy to install.


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Year of Manufacture: 2019

Condition: Excellent

Length 3733mm, Weight 200 kg, Height 1250mm +- 50mm, Belt Width 305mm, Number of gates 6, Gate Division 600mm, Accuracy +/- 5g ( 100 - 1500g) +/-10g (1500 - 3000g), Capacity 80 pcs / min, Product Weight 40 - 3000g, Product Length 700mm, Product Width 250mm, Indicator M2200, Power <500 watts, Voltage 1 x 230 volts.

Our Used Machinery Star Rating Makes It Easier To Know What You Are Buying

★ Partly usable machine. Needs some mechanical repair / renovation and eventually overhaul

★ ★   Good usable machine, appearance may not be perfect.

★ ★ ★  Fully operational machine without any known defects.

★ ★ ★ ★  Mechanically checked and where necessary defective parts are repaired or replaced, offered in very good condition with 1 month warranty.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  Totally overhauled with new and reconditioned parts with a 3 month warranty.

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