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Seafood Technology Ltd is a company dedicated to supplying new, reconditioned, quality used processing and handling equipment to the global seafood industry. Our families have been involved in fishing, fish processing and engineering for over a century and our own experience, working for over 30 years in the seafood processing equipment industry, ensures that seafood is something we know a lot about.

We deliver equipment that provides our customers with measurable benefits in terms of high processing yield, stable production, low cost of ownership.

We believe our strength is in having the ability to group specialist companies together to create a synergy where the combined approach leads to our customers getting a solution which draws on a wide knowledge base rather than a single company trying to promote their own products. Seafood Technology Limited represent the following companies in UK & / Ireland. Curio ehf | Sunwell Technologies Inc  | Varlet | Trifisk Inc | Semi Staal AS | Exos Sweden AB | Zhand | Kyocera Unimerco | Breivik Mek | Josmar Group

Telephone: +44 (0)7919 543543  / +44 (0) 7979 800800  / +44 (0)7379 543543