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Curio C 3027 V Cut Heading Machine


The C3027 heading machine is specifically designed for heading of whitefish such as cod, haddock, saithe and other similar fish.

The Curio C3027 S is adapted for heading of trout and salmon.

Simple user interface allows the operator to easily switch between different species, select different range settings, adjust the machine speed and operate the machine safely.
Opening the safeguards provides a clear and easy access to the machine internals, minimizing the time required for daily maintenance, cleaning and repair work.
Automatic lubrication system ensures that all critical parts are well lubricated, reducing repair and maintenance work while providing a reliable and safe operation.
Stainless steel trays, adjustable guides and flexible cutting mechanism ensure high and consistent yield and throughput.
All materials used, in direct contact with the processed fish have been carefully selected to be approved for food processing.


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Condition: New

Machine Application:
The operator places the fish in a continuously circulating trays where the fish is transferred to a rotating
knife, separating the head from the torso.

Machine Range:
Heading Machine:
1. Smaller Range ( 1 - 7kg)
2. Larger Range (2,5kg - 12kg)

General Specifications:
Type: Heading Machine.
Throughput: 16 - 38 fishes/min
Knife Speed: 1000 rpm.

Length: 2.9m
Width: 1.9m
Height: 2.23 - 2.33m

Input Voltage: 3phase 380-440V AC.
Power Rating: 3.0kW (4hp)

Normal Flow: 800-1600l/h


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