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New Salmon Trimming Line for Scottish Customer

Seafood Technology overhauled a Carnitech CT2630 and fitted this into a completely new line manufactured to a very high standard by our team in Iceland.

The line was a joint design between the customer and our engineers. The salmon is filleted and from here the fillets move up to a top belt where they are taken to cutting boards for six persons. Each station is fitted with a knife sharpening unit and a water gun. The trimmings can be separated into to sections on the cutting block allowing the back and belly trim to be recovered into smaller conveyors running the length of the table into standard fish bins for recovery. The waste trim is put into a central conveyor on the bottom of the line which goes to a swan neck conveyor to lift the product up to a height where it can be placed into a standard fish bin. This swan neck conveyor is spit 1/3 - 2/3 allowing thw frames from the filleting machine to be transported to a separate bin on the same conveyor.

After the trimming a four person checking table has been built. The customer wanted to retain their exisiting pin bone remover so we simply mounted this onto our new frame and have overhauled the pin bone heads to complete the new line.

This is a compact solution incorporating overhauled Carnitech filleting and pin boning into a new bespoke line.

We can design our lines according to the customers wishes and create a modern upgrade to your existing facilities.