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SeafoodTECH 6 Station Trimming Line


Seafood Technology have our own trimming line for salmon and trout which we manufacture completely in stainless steel and food grade materials. Each of our lines can be custom built to your own specification, the line enclosed is a samle of what we are able to build to order.

Each person on our salmon trimming line accepts fillets from the filleting machine on a top belt. The fillets are trimmed on a cutting place which includes a cutting board, knife sharpener, water gun, adjustable foot stand.

Valiuable trim from the back and belly can be recovered on separate conveyors running under each of the trimming boards.

Waste Trim is placed on the bottom belt where it is transported to a swan neck conveyor for placement in a bin for removal.

The waste frames from the filleting machine are collected separately from the timming line waste in case any further meat recovery is required.

We also integrate a twin lane Kaj Olsesn Pin Bone Remover into the line for pin bone removal as part of the line.

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Condition: New

Machine Type: Trimming Line for Various Fish Types
Year: New
Application: Trimming and Trim Recovery
Operator Requirements: 6-10 persons including inspection station
Size Range: Various
Throughput Rate: up to 30 fillets per minute depending on size
Approiximate Yield: Operator Dependent

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