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Sunwell DeepChill™ Variable State Ice Solutions


Using The Deepchill™ Process instead of traditional forms of ice cooling allows our customers to offer the highest quality food product possible – product that is truly deepchill™ fresh.

We use over 30 years of knowledge and expertise to create preservation solutions tailored to the unique cooling requirements of your perishable products. Flexible technology is used to integrate Deepchill™ Variable-State Ice throughout your entire preservation cycle, improving your preservation results and bottom line. We call this The Deepchill™ Process. 

The Deepchill™ Process is a highly advanced preservation process founded upon three principles: fast cooling, constant low-temperature storage and contamination prevention. Deepchill™ Variable-State Ice, with its fluid properties and unparalleled heat transfer rate, is the essential component in this innovative process - achieving constant low temperature of the product, preserving it and significantly slowing bacterial growth. 

By maintaining food product at a constant low temperature, deepchill™ slurry ice preserves the product, preventing discolouration and slowing bacterial growth. Deepchill™ completely surrounds and protects the product, suspending it and preventing bruising. The tiny deepchill™ ice crystals have no sharp or jagged edges like crushed ice or some forms of flake ice. The deepchill™ crystals are spherical in shape and typically between 0.01" and 0.02" (0.25 to 0.50 mm) in diameter. The small size and non-abrasive properties of the crystals allow deepchill™ to support the product and prevent surface damage and spoilage. For certain types of product, this is an essential requirement. High value fin fish and shellfish processors can significantly increase yields and grade by preventing marking and physical damage to their product. This is also true when cooling poultry and some forms of vegetable produce.

Deepchill™ VSI is distributed through an automated piping system, so it is always maintained in a completely sealed environment and never exposed to any outside contaminants. Once applied, deepchill™ liquid ice, slurry ice or dry ice crystals seal in the fish, protecting it from any airborne contaminants while preventing drying of the fish and ensuring a shiny appearance.

Deepchill™ Variable-State Ice Slurry in a Fresh Fish Packing Application in Japan

One of the leading suppliers of fresh saury in Japan installed a Deepchill™ Variable-State Ice System and implemented The Deepchill™ Process in 1999, which it used to introduce a new line of branded deepchill™ fresh saury to its customers.

Upon arrival, fish are quickly cooled down to 0 ° C in 50 ton pre-chilling tanks, full of very liquid deepchill™ ice.  After it has been sorted and separated by size, a thicker deepchill™ slurry ice is used to maintain the chilled fish in one-ton containers until it can be packed. 

Fish are finally placed in Styrofoam boxes which move along a processing line to the Deepchill™ Filling Station, where they are filled with  thick deepchill™ ice paste with 60% ice fraction, at a filling rate of 2 seconds per box. The filling station is programmed to handle different sizes of boxes and the flow of deepchill™ is precisely measured accordingly. Once full, the box is sealed and is ready for shipping.

Unprocessed fish is simply stored overnight in deepchill™ slurry ice filled containers for the next day’s production, with no fear of spoilage, thus allowing for a smooth operation of the facility and eliminating the need for overtime hours.

In this highly competitive market, the deepchill™ branded fish supplied by Sunwell’s client sold first and at a substantial premium.

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Sunwell's deepchill™ ice is the most powerful cooling medium available for the perishable foods industries. In liquid ice or slurry ice form, deepchill™ ice completely surrounds the product leaving no air pockets and allowing for maximum surface contact. This results in the fastest possible heat transfer, cooling product immediately and uniformly, and arresting potentially damaging bacterial formation, enzyme reactions and discoloration. Tests have shown that deepchill™ ice removes heat from fish, shrimp, poultry and vegetable produce at significantly higher rates than other forms of ice which often freeze into clumps or leave air pockets resulting in inconsistent product coverage. For poultry and fish producers, deepchill™ ice equals faster chilling, higher grade product and longer shelf life. Deepchill™ ice also facilitates compliance with strict HACCP hygiene standards while increasing product yields and increasing industry competitiveness.

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