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Semi Staal Box Washing System


Today most of our foods are transported in returnable
plastic crates. SEMI-STAAL has developed a wide range
of products that can handle most of the crate types used
both in food and the non-food industry.
SEMI-STAAL’s solutions span from crate washers with a
capacity of 50 crates/ hour to full automatic washing and
logistic plants with capacities up to 5,000 crates/ hour.
Our solutions are often tailor made to our customer’s
specific requirements for hygiene, space and capacity.
Our crate washers are 100% made of stainless steel only
– AISI 304 or 316.
Modularized construction principle

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Year of Manufacture: 2019

Condition: New

The design of the crate washer depends on whether
the crate has been in touch with high protein products,
if labels need to be removed or if there is easily removable
dirt to be washed off. Typical zones in a crate washer
can be: Cold pre-rinse, washing section with/without
detergent, high pressure section to remove labels and
(disinfecting) after rinse.
Water filtration
Depending on type and amount of dirt which is washed
down from the crates and the required degree of automisation
SEMI-STAAL recommends a suitable filtration
system. We have a number of alternative filtration systems
such as:
- Manual filter baskets
- Pipe filters
- Automatic self-cleaning rotating drum filters
- Automatic self cleaning filter belts
- Automatic self cleaning filter pumps which we can filter
particles down to 50 mμ
The filtration system can be a considerable water saving

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