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Mince Production Line for Salmon and Whitefish


Stainless Steel Bin Tipper
Hydraulically Operated
For Tipping Fish Bins into the line

Stainless Steel Fish Frame Washer
Air Connection for circulation
Mesh strainer plate

Stainless Steel Sorting Table

Stainless Steel Sorting Table

Stainless Steel Packing Table with Dial Stainless Steel Weight

Stainless Steel Swan Neck Conveyor
for lifting product from the sorting tables to the Sepamatic 2000 Mincer

Sepamatic 2000 T Mince Machine
Manufactured in 2010
In good running condition
Fitted with Hopper Feed
Including 3mm Separating Drum

Stainless Steel Swan Neck Conveyor for lifting frames to be placed into a bin

Stainless Steel Buffer Tank
For accumulating mince product for further processing

6 Person Trimming / Filleting Line
Complete with nylon cutting boards at each place and adjustable foot plates

Stainless Steel Packing Line

Bin Tipper
Packing Table
2 x Roller Conveyors
1 x Stainless Steel Gordian Strapping Machine

13 Station Horizontal Plate Freezer
130 Freezing tray capacity ( 16.5 lbs freezing trays with removable bottoms )
Capacity 2-2.5 hours freezing time per load ( salmon mince )

Including Hydraulic Power Pack for lifting plates
Including Knock Out Unit for Blocks
300 16.5 lbs Aluminium Freezing Trays

McQuay Screw Compressor
For running Horizontal Plate Freezer
Manufactured in 2016
Previously Run on R 404 A Freezing Gas

Condenser Unit

Stainless Steel Mince Pump
To move mince for packing

Spare Parts
Unspecified spare parts for equipment

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Year of Manufacture: 2010

Condition: Excellent

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