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Martak 6 Person Filleting/Trimming Line


We have available for sale an unused trimming line for salmon or whitefish. It was manufactured to a very high standard by Martak in Iceland and is complete with 6 trimming places with adjustable foot plates, knife sharpeners and water guns. The line is designed to take fillets on the top belt where each of the trimmers takes the fillet down to the cutting board and trims it. The fillet is then placed on a middle belt which moves the fillets onto the end of the line. There are two sets of wate conveyors, a smaller one takes good trim like back and belly strips or bellys which can be used for further processing then general waste can be collected on a separate conveyor for going to fish meal for example.

There is a four person checking station after the trimming line which can be placed after a pin bone remover. Again this is fitted with knife sharpeners and water guns as well as adjustable foot plates at each station.

Everything is controlled from an integrated electrical cabinet with variable speed drives controlling each of the motors for the conveyors.

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Year of Manufacture: 2015

Condition: As New

Line dimsnsions approx. 9m Long x 2.3m Wide

3 x 415 volts 50 hz

Condition is "as new"

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