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Cretel 460 TAC Skinning Machine


We have a 2016 model Cretel 460 TAC in our workshop and it is offered in excellent condition with very little use since new.

Series 460 are designed for intensive industrial use. The conveyorized model 460TAC is conceived for the automatic skinning of a wide variety of fish. For individual operation or integrated into processing lines. Highest yield, autonomy, safety and user convenience : the key concepts of this high-performance machine, adjustable to precision to satisfy the most demanding users.

Safe automatic operation with infeed and discharge belts.
Hygienic and ergonomic design with rounded corners.
Adjustable press roller system to secure a perfect grip.
Double bearing system for a consistent skinning result.
Built-in water spray system with adjustable volume and auto-shut valve to minimize water consumption.
All electrical parts in splashproof housing.
All joints and seams are completely welded to avoid penetration of moisture and dirt.
No tools required to assemble/disassemble the skinning shoe.
No tools required to change skinnng blade.
All mechanical and electrical components are easily accessible.  
Easy and fast cleaning
Vandal proof switches and auto-cut safety switches
Delivered complete with set of spare blades and parts.
Conform latest CE standards

From flatfish fillets and round fish fillets, from very delicate species such as plaice, flounder, whiting, cod, pollack, sole, catfish, pangasius-basa up to fish species with thick and scaled skin such as tilapia, groupers and snappers, tuna, shark, carp and so many others. Special optional tool available for deep-skin application of salmon, tilapia and others.


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Year of Manufacture: 2016

Condition: Excellent

Capacity 40 - 160 pcs/min
Skinning Width 460 mm
Weight 250 Kg
Motor 3x400V / 1.1 kW
Dimenssions (mm) 1200 x 810 x 1200 (W x L x H)

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