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Carnitech CT 2611 Salmon Filleting Machine


This machine was produced in 2001 by Carnitech/Marel

Carnitech Marel CT 2611 (Northern Light) designed for salmon and other species with a similar bone structure. It is characterized by perfect cuts, high yield percentage and a large capacity with a system of band knives adjustable to each individual fish. The machine is economic, sturdy and stable, robust and easy to operate and clean. It ensures maximum yield efficiency, reduced production time, improves product quality, and well suited for most sizes of salmon, trout, pollock, walleye, and other species with similar bone structure processing operations. Fully overhauled prior to shipping.

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Year of Manufacture: 2001

Condition: Reconditioned

Operation Operators: One person Capacity: Up to 20 fish per minute Fish size range: 2-16 lbs (1-7 kg) Services Electricity: 3x220V or 3x400V + PE / 3x220V + PE Water consumption: 1.5 gallons/min (6 liters/min) Power consumption: 1.75 kw Voltage: 220-360 Air Supply: 50 liters/min, 6-8 bar Lane: single-lane Benefits
Easy to adjust and operate Low operation costs Easy access for cleaning Optimized flow Reduced handling
High quality filleting
Highly flexible regarding the size of the salmon, trout, Pollock, walleye
Suited for all processors
Feeds directly onto trim line, Frame ejector
Process - The gutted beheaded fish is placed in the in-feed chute, belly side up. - The feeding belts lead the fish to the cutting section where a sensor automatically adjusts the band knives to accurate cutting along the center-bone. - Band knives which adjust to each individual fish representing one of the most efficient techniques on the market. - This method ensures high yield comparable to manual labour - With this filleting machine time-consuming readjustment is avoided. - By simple adjustment of value pressure, the machine automatically cuts the required type of fillet. - The open design of the fillet machine makes cleaning considerably easier. - At the back of the machine there are two access doors though which the band knives can be replaced and all components efficiently cleaned. - Dampers make it easy to open the cabinet for inside cleaning and maintenance. - All parts of the machine are made of stainless steel and other approved materials. - This machine is small-dimensional and easy to install even in small production areas. - It has an integrated compressor, a dryer system and an electrical cabinet which makes installation easier

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