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Salsness Sea Lice Filtration System


Salsnes Filter Stops Salmon Louse

Lice occur in the free water masses, they are concentrated in fish farms, spread by well-boats and at the salmon slaughterhouses. The most commonly used delousing methods only paralyze the lice so that it release from the salmon and then dispersed in the water masses.
Several scientific works shows that the chemical treatments do not kill the lice, and that a certain proportion of lice revive a time after treatment. These lice can give a new mark-up on salmon.
Salsnes Filter is working to construct solutions that pick up lice and then destroy it. Salsnes Filter can document 100% removal of lice and eggs from water in slaughterhouses and expect the same result on well-boats and the farming sea cage.

Salsnes filter has filter models for different volumes of water. The system is a fully automated cleaning system for process water. Salsnes has today 500 machines in daily operations around the world. It is a well-documented product for many applications, and it is engineered for efficient particle removal and easy maintenance.


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Condition: New

Technical data

• SF 2000
Capacity: up to 40 l/sec
Size, LxHxW: 1896x1350x950 mm
Weight (incl. water): 990 kg
Inlet (pump/gravitation): Ø150/250 mm
Outlet: Ø250 mm
Overflow: Ø250 mm

• SF 4000
Capacity: up to 80 l/sec
Size, LxHxW: 2245x2070x1482 mm
Weight (incl. water): 1420 kg
Inlet (pump/gravitation): Ø200/350 mm
Outlet: Ø350 mm
Overflow: Ø350 mm

• SFK 400
Capacity: up to 120 l/sec
Recommended sump/canal width: 1250 mm
Length: 2750 mm
Weight: 380 kg
Inlet: Threshold or free dimension
Outlet: Threshold or free dimension
Overflow: Threshold or free dimension

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