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Salsnes SF 2000 Filtration Module


SF 2000

Waste Water Filtration & By-Product Recovery Solutions

Cleaner Waste Water and Recovery of Valuable By-Products That Are Otherwise Lost in The Waste Stream

The SF models are used for appropriate treatment and primary treatment of municipal wastewater effluent, and for industrial applications such as the fishing industry, fish net laundry facilities, pulp and paper industry, breweries, food processing industry, textile industry, tanneries, cruise ships, etc.

For municipal treatment plants operating with a lower degree of treatment than primary treatment; appropriate treatment, the models can be supplied without the air blower for cleaning filters. This is easy to retrofit if requirements become more stringent at a later stage.

Air Knife Filtermesh Cleaning System

The built-in Air Knife is a patented filtermesh cleaning system that automatically cleans the rotating filtermesh using a blade of compressed air. Compared to scrapers, brushes or water-based cleaning systems, air is gentler on the mesh to prolong its life and keeps sludge drier for more effective dewatering.

Cogwheel and Filtermesh

The highly durable filtermesh is made of polyurethane. The way it’s mounted and tensioned to the cogwheel is patented – it improves performance and allows the filter to handle higher flow rates, increasing treatment capacity in a smaller footprint.

Integrated or Stand-alone Dewatering Unit

To save space and money, the enclosed SF systems contain an integrated sludge thickening and dewatering process. Typical dewatering results are 20–30% dry matter (DM). For larger installations, a stand-alone dewatering unit is available (shown below) to dewater sludge from multiple filters. It can apply higher pressure to produce even drier sludge (20 –40% DM typical).

Hot Water Flush

A hot water flush is available to those facilities that have a high concentration of fat, oil and grease (FOG) in their wastewater. Operating only two – four times daily, the intermittent hot water flush effectively cleans the hard- to-remove FOG from filtermesh openings.

Fully Automated System

The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) automates the system, making it ideal for remote or unstaffed locations. A sensor tells the PLC when to initiate filtermesh rotation which then automatically starts the Air Knife filtermesh cleaning system and sludge dewatering. The panel is rated IP65 and is located by the filter unit. Optional remote/control is available.

Quick Connections

You will find only quick connects on the system for fast and easy maintenance.

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Condition: New

Technical specifications SF 2000
Hydraulic capacity normal wastewater – 250 mg per litre Up to 35 litres per second
Hydraulic capacity clean water Up to 50 litres per second
Cloth mesh size 0.05 – 4 mm
Separation efficiency; SS at 0.3 mm mesh 40-85%
Separation efficiency; SS at 1 mm mesh 20-30%
Dry substance in dewatered sludge exiting SF 20-40% DS
Length 1800 mm
Width 1350 mm
Height 950 mm


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