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Deepchill™ Advnaced Slurry Ice System - Compact System


Deepchill™ Compact System

DeepChill is like no other preservation technology. It’s comprised of tiny pearl-like micro-crystals generated in salt, or freshwater, and then delivered in slurry form to rapidly cool and hold valuable product at peak freshness.

DeepChill ice slurry efficiently coats the entire product surface for chilling speeds and temperature maintenance that is unmatched by common flake ice.  DeepChill’s smooth crystals won’t damage delicate seafood or produce, and it doesn’t dry out product the way conventional refrigeration does.

• Seafood cooling process
• Seafood temporary or over-night storage
• Seafood packing/shipping

• Production and delivery of deepchill slurry
with crystal concentration up to 50%
• Temporary storage of deepchill slurry in a
stainless steel buffer tank
Component and Construction
• Deepchill™ generator (IG-6VM, or IG-12VM)
with the complete refrigeration system included
• Stainless steel mix tank with heavy-duty screws
to ensure homogenous nature of deepchill
• Stainless steel positive displacement
pump with control interlocked with the
• Simens PLC with touch screen HMI

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Condition: New

Sunwell was founded in 1978 to develop and commercialize DeepChill ice slurry technology. We’ve been engineering and installing DeepChill systems ever since. Nearly four decades later, DeepChill systems have logged more hours worldwide than any competing ice slurry chilling system.
Sunwell continues to make significant investments into research and development and superior support for our clients.

Today we offer custom engineered systems, a variety of standard systems for land and ship based applications, automated monitoring and proactive service agreements.

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