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Curio C 2011 Whitefish Filleting Machine


The new C2011 whitefish filleting machine offers a high and consistent yield, achieved by a robust and reliable design specific for whitefish processing.

Available in three different versions: Large,Medium and Small. Capable of processing up to seven different species, ranging from 700g to 12kg at speeds from 16 to 38 fishes per minute.

The machine is designed and built to deliver reliable and efficient operation. Safeguards and emergency stop switches have been implemented throughout the machine to reduce hazards, making the machine safe to operate
and maintain.

Opening the safeguards provides a clear and easy access to the machine internals, minimizing the time required for daily maintenance and repair work.

Designed with hygiene in mind, the machine frame and most the machine parts are built from stainless steel. All materials used, in direct contact with the processed fish have been carefully selected to be approved for food

Adjustable speed control allows the user to change the machine throughput by a touch of a button

* A New Machine for filleting of Arctic Charr is now operational in Iceland, please contact us for further information

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Condition: New

Machine Application:
The operator places the fish on to a saddle which transports the fish through each processing area of the
machine where the meat is separated from the bones. The machine delivers the two fillets on to separate
conveyors leading from the machine while delivering the bones separately.

Machine Range:
Filleting Machine (Small):
1. Haddock (700g - 2.8kg)
2. Atlantic Cod(700g - 3kg)
3. Pacific Cod (700g - 2.5kg)
4. Pollack (700g - 2.8kg)
5. Tusk (700g - 2.8kg)
6. Ling(700g - 2.8kg)
7. Sea Wolf (1kg - 2.5kg)

Filleting Machine (Medium):
1. Haddock (2kg - 4kg)
2. Atlantic Cod(2kg - 5kg)
3. Pacific Cod (2kg - 4kg)
4. Pollack (2kg - 4kg)
5. Tusk (2kg - 4kg)
6. Ling(2kg - 4kg)
7. Sea Wolf (2 - 4kg)

Filleting Machine (Large):
1. Haddock (2.8kg - 5kg)
2. Atlantic Cod(2.8kg - 12kg)
3. Pacific Cod (2.8kg - 8kg)
4. Pollack (2.8kg - 8kg)
5. Tusk (2.8kg - 8kg)
6. Ling(2.8kg - 8kg)
7. Sea Wolf (2.8kg - 8kg)

General Specifications:
Type: Filleting Machine.
Throughput: 16 - 38 fishes/min
Conveyor Speed: 30m/min
Knife Speed: 1100 rpm.

Length: 4.060m
Width: 1.880m
Height: 2.25 - 2.35m

Input Voltage: 3phase 380-440V AC.
Power Rating: 4.5kW (6hp)

Normal Flow: 800-1600l/h

* A New Machine for filleting of Arctic Charr is now operational in Iceland, please contact us for further information

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