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Breivik 415 SS Round Cut Heading Machine


The Breivik 415SS is a full stainless steel head cutting machine for large fish. The machine is designed to be operated with fish of total length including the head,
between 50 – 120 cm. Both smaller and larger fish may be processed successfully. Only bleeded fish must be used to obtain correct placement for the head cutting process.
The fish is placed with the belly downwards and with the bled throat over the throat guide. Place the fish perpendicular to the throat guide into the body and tail carrier.
The fish will then be driven towards the knife and the head will be cut and fall of to the right of the machine. The body will continue straight and over the top of the machine.

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Year of Manufacture: 2019

Condition: New

Power consumption: 1,5 kW
Length: 1610 mm
Width: 875 mm
Height: 1680 mm

Weight of machine: 375 Kg

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